Hummingbird Playground Fountain - Color Terracotta

22” X 28” Main Basin holding about 2 gallons of plain water.

Integrated 5 port manifold for simple installation.

158GPH Submersible Pump “NEW”  1/2” Outlet.

8” long 1/2” tube to connect Pump to Manifold.

5 - 1/2” to 1/4” Tubing adapters.

5 - 1/4” flow regulator micro-valves with modified barbs for easy  tube replacement.

5 - Clear 1/4” Water Tubes 30” (cut to length & save for spares).

5 - Bendable Stainless Steel Supports.(Adjustable height)

5 - Slow random Color Changing LED Lights.

5 - Water Spitter Sculptures with removable nozzles

1 - Press in HummingbirdLite™ Water Spitter.

2 - Press in DragonflyLites™ Water Spitters.

2 - Press in ButterflyLites™ Water Spitters.

Simulated Rock Pump Cover.

18” X 14” Bird Bath Splash Basin with Dripping Falls.

1 - Rain Tight Bi-Pin Connector Cable 3’.

1 - 15’ long Photocell control Wire.

1 - Transformer 120 VAC to 4.5VDC  0.3A  1.35VA

    Yearly Cost of operating Lights Dusk to Dawn = $3.75.

Hummingbird Playground Water Fountain Complete System

   Hummingbird Playground Fountain  Hand Made                             $350.00

   Shipped in 2 Boxes Packed using expanding foam.              $  75.00

   Questions or to Order:

email to: information@sprinklites.com Subject: Fountain

I will look up shipping and invoice you through PayPal.

A deposit of $125 will reserve your  water spitting lights.

After final payment your fountain should ship within the week.

Each fountain is Made to Order

First Come First Served Basis.

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for shipment, during backlogs this can easily double.

“RESERVE YOUR Hummingbird Playground HERE”  

The original Fountain was to Display my Sprink-L-ites™ at shows.  

Buy my new Fountain and you can share the Hummingbird fun.

© Gary Hartz 2015

All Rights Reserved




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DIY Fountain Spitter Kit

The Hummingbird Playground Fountain was not designed for people, its for the birds.

I tested many spitter configurations over several years to come up with the fewest sculptured spitters to attract my visitors, I am sure it varies from bird to bird and region to region but this combination works for mine. After finding the suitable number of spitters I created the smallest fountain basin that I could by spacing the sculptures at 8”. The first fountain did not fit into a suitable box that had somewhat of a reasonable shipping cost resulting in the final configuration 28” Wide and 22” across. The upper splash basin has three zones with different depths and a ridge down the middle.

Many people think the sculptures are made of glass, that illustrates the quality of my acrylic material and product, they are very durable and after 4 years exposure to the Southern California Riverside County Sunshine, have proven to be non yellowing.

As you can see by the photographs of the fountains each has 5 sculptured spitters there is no difference in price for fewer spitters, as the fountain is made only 1 way with 5 outlets for the water and this is created in the concrete forming mold.

The spitters are adjustable up and down and each support can be bent into any position so you can create any arrangement that you feel is aesthetically pleasing, you could even remove some of the sculptured spitters and shut off the valves. My spitter inventory is out of balance, if you want 5 hummingbirds there is an additional $20 charge ($5ea for the extras).

“Hummingbird Playground “


“Hummingbird Playground “


“Hummingbird Playground “