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Hummingbird Playground Fountain
(Version 2   Janurary 2015)

With 2 levels individually adjustable water streams for spitters.

5 spitter sculptures adjustable height setting above the top level splash basin.

The Lower Basin is  28” x 22” x 8” Deep holding about 2 gallons.
        and contains the  recirculation pump and manifold for the spitters.

A pump cover provides support for the Upper Splash Basin    

“MADE IN USA”  Steel Reinforced Concrete hand made to order.

Flat bottom Sets on small table or plant stand.

Each fountain takes about 3-½ Days to construct.    Price $350

Packed using expanding foam for protection Cost               $75

Shipped UPS Ground in 2 Boxes: Greater US approximately $100.00 ~ $140.00
       Box 1 = 24”x30”x12”  45 lbs      

Box 2 = 20”x16”x12”  16 lbs

 To order Fountain: “Request INVOICE for complete Quote!”

Or You can get a SHIPPING QUOTE at   www.ups.com using above package info.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a limited supply of the Sprink-l-ites™ Water Spitter Sculptures available!

The factory making my Patented Sprink-L-ites™ lights was closed by by the Chinese Government and my tooling was lost when the companies assets were impounded and the owner fled back to Taiwan. New tooling will cost $57k so the fountains being sold will be signed and numbered until the lights are gone.

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Helpful LINK for DIY Fountain suggestions and examples:


NOT cheap little solar lights, BUT

PATENTED Crystal Clear acrylic sculptures with a hole through the sculpture for water. This exclusive design creates a truly Magical ornamental LED display with shapes visible from over 150ft away not tiny points of light.

These beautiful Color Changing LED sculptures can be used for:


US Pat. No 7182477

DIY Fountain Spitter Kit


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